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Muesli wool fleece balaclava seed

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Practical hat in the softest merino wool fleece quality that does not scratch.

Perfect for the cold days and you want to make sure your child stays warm.
The hat has a long front and back which keeps the neck and chest warm.

The hat covers the head well and leaves the face free and stays in place.

Wool is heat-regulating and has the ability to stay dry and warm as wool transports sweat away from the body.

The product is Naturetexx® Plasma- og GOTS Organic-certified, which means:
-No harmful Chemicals
-No superwash
-No mulesing or sheep dip
-No cruel animal transport

Washing instructions:
Wool clothing does not need washing as often as other materials, because of its self-cleaning qualities.
However, children’s wear often get stained and dirty and requires washing occasionally.
All of our wool products are machine washable at 30 degrees on wool setting and low-speed centrifugation.
Always use a wash detergent especially made for wool products.
Can be steamed or ironed at low temperature.


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