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Montessori Figure 8 tracing board & neuro-trainer

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Tracing board & neuro-trainer is a mathematical symbol representing the concept of infinity and the figure is called a Lemniscate (meaning ribbon) by the ancient Greeks.

Figure-eight activities (infinity symbol) are widely used in occupational therapies in the early education of children.

tracing board & neuro-trainer lines, prepare children’s brains to be ready for learning. Is considered to be a Neuro-trainer, designed to harmonize the work of all parts of the brain, strengthen interhemispheric interaction, form new neural networks in the brain, and relieve emotional stress. Children will have the opportunity to improve their understanding of the concept of infinity (infinity + any number = infinity).

Whether the child uses the tracing pen to roll the balls or hold the board in their hands and roll them round and round, joyful learning activity is guaranteed by this board that will keep children busy for long hours.

Sensory play. Use colored rice or play-doh to fill in the engraved grooves of the infinity symbol.

What will your child learn and develop by using this tracing board & neuro-trainer?

  • Learns about the infinity symbol and the concept of infinity
  • A nice introduction to basic concepts of geometry
  • Develops fine motor skills brain activity, enrich vocabulary.

Included Accessories:

  • 8 pieces of NATURAL wooden balls, 16 mm each.
  • One wooden tracing pencil to trace the lines of the infinite symbol.

Board size: 21 * 12 * 1.8 cm

Made of beech wood, hand-painted with water & plant-based, child-safe certified stains. Sealed with all-natural linseed oil. They are non-toxic, and VOC-free (volatile organic compounds) and are tested and certified for the safety of children EN-71/3, which makes this toy safe for children.

How to clean wooden toys?

We recommend cleaning the tracing board & neuro-trainer with water mixed with apple cider vinegar. Vinegar has disinfectant properties. This solution will keep your wooden toys germ-free, providing safety for your child. Be sure to avoid bleach, detergents, or abrasive cleaners; these solutions will dry the wood and cause cracks over time.

Manufactured in accordance with applicable toy safety legislation.


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