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Montessori Lavender infused rice yellow

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The rainbow coloured rice set is a great sensory play and goes along perfectly with any of our educational wooden toys. The rainbow colors of the rice are very visually stimulating. There is also an olfactory, or smell, stimulation with rice sensory play. Your child will notice the smell of the lavender-infused rice. The lavender essential oil has a calming effect.


Rice is small so it helps children develop fine motor control, for example, scooping it up with their hands, using their fingers to pick up individual rice grains. When children are using cups, spoons, etc. they are practicing hand-eye coordination and also learning about capacity and estimation. Children can also practice picking up individual grains of rice. In addition to the fine motor and tactile experience, children also are smelling the rice and hearing the sound that the rice makes as they dump it through a funnel or other tool.


Sensory play has a fundamental role in the health and development of the child.

Its benefits are numerous:

  • helps build and support cognitive development
  • encourages discovery, exploration, creativity, problem-solving, and scientific thinking.
  • develops and enhances memory through the use of senses.
  • helps develop fine motor skills.
  • promotes a sense of calm and relaxation (lavender)
  • assists in learning mathematical concepts such as colors, sizes, quantities


Rainbow Coloured rice set Sensory Bin Activity

This rainbow rice sensory bin is a fun way for children to explore textures and colors.

What is a sensory bin? A sensory bin is a large container filled with items specifically chosen to stimulate the senses. They often encourage fine motor skills and child-led exploration.

Sensory bins are also an easy way to let your kids play with things that would typically make a big mess. With a sensory bin, the mess is contained, and far easier to clean up.


Each color is hand mixed and lightly scented with 100% pure and organic certified Pranarom Lavender essential oil. For coloring the rice we use child-safe plant-based food coloring.

Each color comes in a ziplock paper bag, 200g/color thus


Recommended additional tools for rice sensory bin: scoops, shovels, cups, bowls, sorting trays.



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