Montessori Rainbow natural for color learning, sorting, and matching educational activities

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Montessori Rainbow

This educational toy develops literacy and numeracy skills, enhances imagination and creativity, improves the development of cognitive and fine motor skills.

Placing the 94 wool balls on the rainbow, requires color recognition skills, concentration, and good hand-eye coordination. Touching different textures, such as wool, is fun, Montessori recommended a learning method that helps children in developing sensory skills: to classify, sort, and differentiate based on the characteristics of different types of materials.


There are 7 (seven) sections/rows of the Rainbow. Start filling in the Montessori Rainbowwith the farthest section, the red row. Fit one ball into each hole in the section. There are 22 red balls. Continue with the 6th row (six) matching the 19 orange wool balls into each hole of this section. Continue filling the balls: 16 yellow balls into the holes on the 5th row, 13 green balls into the holes on the 4th row, 11 blue ball into the holes of the 3rd row, 8 purple balls into the holes of the  2nd row, and 5 pink balls into the holes of the 1st row.

And Voila! Congratulations! Enjoy your colorful rainbow!


With this toy, your child will learn:

  • to identify the colors of the rainbow
  • 2 finger grip with balls
  • to sort and match colors
  • to count off by how many colored balls each row of the rainbow is composed.

Included accessories: 94 natural wool balls of 2 cm (+/-2mm) as follows: 22 red, 19 orange, 16 yellow, 13 green, 11 blue, 8 purple, and 5 pinks. Wool balls are delivered in a cotton bag.


Ce Certified. Manufactured in the EU in accordance with applicable toy safety legislation.


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