Montessori 1 to 10 reversible number tracing & counting board with wooden balls

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Number games are a wonderful combination of 6 different learning activities on one board, that combines activities of counting, tracing, writing and recognizing numbers, and learning colors. It will help the little ones to learn to count but also how much each number represents.

It is not so easy to learn colors and amounts – with the help of this board, your child will see the connection between the appearance of the number and colors with wool or wood balls that are filled with it.

The shapes of the numbers are easily engraved with curved grooves, offering a simple way of tracing the numbers either with the fingers or using a wood pencil.  Your child will learn to correctly write the graphic elements of numbers, respecting the shapes, size, the proportion between the elements, as well as the distance between them.

Recommended activities for number games:

It is a recommended educational toy for cognitive and number development. Helps to improve the recognition and association of numbers, fine motor skills, and coordination, respectively, identification of colors. Your child will learn not only to write, but to correctly draw the graphic elements of numbers, respecting the shape, size, proportion between elements, and the distance between them (straight line, oblique line, oval, half-oval).


The front side represents the counting section, which shows the +1 progression of the numbers. There are 10 sections, from 1 to 10. Use the 55 natural wooden balls and the wood tweezers.

  1.   Wood tweezers help your child to develop fine motor skills, such as agility and hand coordination. Use tweezers to pick up balls and place them into the holes. Match one ball in section 1, two balls in section 2, three balls in section 3, and so on.
  2.   To strengthen the educational methods based on the Montessori philosophy, use the set of 55 colored wool balls. These are very useful as a form of numerical control. For example: match the yellow balls to number 3, and you will see that there are only three yellow balls, match 7 purple balls to number 7, and there are only seven purple balls. Thus, the child must find/count the right color to be able to match them to the represented number.  Touching different textiles, of different textures such as wool, is a fun activity and also recommended as a Montessori learning method, helping to develop and sensory exploration. – to classify, to order, to differentiate based on the characteristics of different types of materials and shapes. Children will not only learn to recognize and trace numbers, calculate the number of balls that need to be matched, but they will also learn the colors.


The backside represents the section of numbers from 1 to 10. And this part offers multiple activities that the little ones can enjoy.

  1. The main educational and recommended activity is tracing numbers. To do this, use the included wooden pencil. Writing, like any skill, is learned through exercises. Tracing numbers with the help of children will learn the shape and formation of numbers, the correct writing direction, the distances between the lines, and their size.
  2. Use colored rice to fill in the engraved grooves of numbers. Colored rice It’s a great sensory base and goes along perfectly with any of our educational wooden toys.
  3. Crayon rubbings of the numbers! Another interesting activity for the little ones. Use colored pencils, define a color for each number! Sensory play has a fundamental role in the health and development of the child and its benefits are numerous.
  4. Fill the grooves of numbers with playdough, cut them out, and sort them into 2 different categories: even and odd numbers. Playing with playdough trains the fine motor skills of the hands, spatial thinking, the concept of colors, the shape of numbers, and creativity.


Technical information:

Included accessories (regarding selected option):

  • wooden pencil for tracing,
  • wooden tweezers,
  • 60 wood balls / or 55 colorful wool balls,
  • one cotton bag.

Handmade of beech wood, finished with ecological linseed oil.  VOC FREE (volatile organic chemical compound).

Size of board: 26 x 19 x 1.8 cm, size of balls: 1,2 – 1,4 cm. Product code: CB110.

CE Certified. Manufactured in accordance with applicable toy safety legislation.


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