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Montessori Sensory Rainbow with 120 wooden balls

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The rainbow has multiple educational functions:

  • Placing the 120 wool balls in circles requires good hand coordination. Through this activity, children will improve agility, dexterity, and concentration.
  • Traceable letters. With the help of the wooden tracing pen, children will learn to write their names.
  • Traceable channels. Semioval is an important geometric shape in the pre-writing education of the little ones. By tracing semioval lines and geometric shapes, preschoolers will understand more quickly how the letters are formed.
  • Sensory play. Whether you fill the channels with colored rice or colored wool balls, both activities are fun and educational. Colored rice is an ideal complement when children learn colors, also develop imagination and creativity. Testing / touching different materials, of different textures, such as wool, in our case (other materials can be cotton, silk, wood) is a fun activity, recommended as a Montessori learning method, helping to develop and explore sensory – to classify, order, differentiate based on the characteristics of different types of materials and shapes.

Size: 27 x 24 x 1.8 cm.

Diameter of Wool 1.2-1.5 cm


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