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Montessori 20 math board wool felt balls

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0 Frame for Math skills development is a board that helps skills development of mathematical abilities of your little one.


What will your child learn and develop by using 20 Frame for Math skills development?

  • Learn to count
  • Add & Subtraction
  • Learns even and odd numbers
  • Compare two numbers and find which is bigger and which is smaller
  • A nice introduction to basic concepts of math
  • Develops number sense, fine motor skills brain activity, enrich vocabulary.

  • Board & 22 natural wool felt balls
  • Set of numbers. The set of numbers contains 11 numbers, so children will learn to number from 1 to 20.

Size of board: : 21*12*1,8 cm (8,3 *4,7* 0,7 inch)

Size of numbers:  3 *6 *1 cm  (1,2 * 2,4 * 0,4 inch)

Product identification code: 20FR. Product weight: 400 g.


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