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Our durable quality

Regenboogschaap is the online waldorf inspired green online department store. All products are organic, absolutely free of child labour and a much as possible made close to home.

Here you can find high end wooden toys.
We have organic woolen, woolsilk and cotton clothes, all kind of products to celebrate the seasons, crafts, personal care and many more items.
We are proud to sell brands like Cosilana, Disana, Ostheimer, Grimms, Bikeho, Grapat, Joha and many more.

Our durable brands

Opening hours

Fancy meeting up with us in our office? Or do you want to pick up your parcel? We do offer the possibility to visit us so you can have a look at our beautiful items, compare brands, sizes and colours, have some additional information about products or just for a nice chat. Please contact us for an appointment to visit us!

Open inlooptijden zijn op:
dinsdag23 april09:00 - 11:00
vrijdag26 april16:00 - 17:30

Een andere keer langskomen? Maak een afspraak via Whatsapp of e-mail

Morsestraat 22
6716 AH Ede (Gld)


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