Since May 25, 2018 we use the General data protection Regulation (AVG). For Regenboogschaap your confidentiality is extremely important. Therefore we inform you about our policies regarding your privacy.

Personal data

If you place an order, we ask for some information. This data is necessary for the shipment of your order. This includes address information. Your email address is used to send your invoice and/or confirmations. Some data, such as mobile phone numbers, are optional and can be used to get in touch if there is a problem with your order and for absolutely no other reason.

If you create an account, your data will be stored in our systems. This makes it easy to place new orders at a later date without having to enter all of your data again. You can remove your data at all times. If you have any questions you can call or email us.

If you place your order as a guest, your data will be stored in the order at least 2 years. With these data we can look up your order fulfilled in the case of questions about your order, or for warranty.

Your personal data may only be looked up if there is a direct necessary, for example when processing your order, or if you have any questions about your order.

Marketing & e-mail

Your data, as you have provided with your order or when created your account, will NEVER be used for marketing purposes such as newsletters or email without you explicit permission. Also this data will not be passed to third parties.


This site functions, like almost every website, with cookies. These cookies are stored on your computer or phone, so that our website can remember who you are. Without these cookies an online shopping cart may not exist.

Also, we use analytical tracking to see from which site you were referred to us, and if everythhing went well with the order process.. With this information we can improve our service and find out which media we should use to reach our customers better. This will never lead to the direct use of your personal data by third parties.

If you have any questions concerning the use of your personal data, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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