Grimms wooden birthday spiral  (3200) View full size

Grimms wooden birthday spiral (3200)

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This Birthday Spiral or Advent Spiral creates a special atmosphere on each occasion: for birthday tables, for decoration on a window-sill and on the nature table in christmas time. Because of its 24 holes one can use it as a advent calendar. Light up a candle on every day, or let a candle go from hole to hole.
Decorated with our Decorative Figures, the Vases with flowers and candles, it creates a special atmosphere on each occasion.
For safety, please use the Candle Holders for the candles. Make sure that there is no draft and that no decorative figure is near the flames.

8 pieces, each with 3 holes.
Materials: alder wood, non-toxic plant based oil finish.
Size: diameter 40cm.


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