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Disana boiled woolen gloves navy

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Disana boiled woolen gloves

The disana boiled wool gloves are indispensable companions. Thanks to the unique characteristics of natural wool,
the hands stay dry and cosily warm for a long time.
The gloves in size 1 are without thumps, size 2 and 3 have the thumps attached. A fine knitted cord makes sure that the pair sticks together.


The gloves come true to size to a bit big.

Washing instructions

In order to keep the woolen items in good condition, please use a detergent especially for woolwash, like Sheepish Grins. Use a woolwash programme on your washing machine. Large temperature variation may cause woolen items to shrink.

About Disana

Disana is a German company and all their beautiful woolen items are made in Germany. Disana has a IVN certified.


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