Disana woolen knitted trouwsers navy  *new 2019 release* View full size

Disana woolen knitted trouwsers navy *new 2019 release*

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Disana knitted woolen trousers

All-round comfort with disana knitted trousers, completed with braces. When children are laying down, crawling or taking their first steps, our disana knitted trousers with braces make sure they are thoroughly warm and comfortable. The waistband is especially high to keep their tummy and back warm, and two removable braces keep everything in place. These disana knitted trousers are designed with plenty of space around their bottom for a nappy.


The trousers come true to size to a bit big. 

Washing instructions

In order to keep the woolen items in good condition, please use a detergent especially for woolwash, like Sheepish Grins. Use a woolwash programme on your washing machine. Large temperature variation may cause woolen items to shrink.

About Disana

Disana is a German company and all their beautiful woolen items are made in Germany. Disana has a IVN certified.


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